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Potency 50 mg / ml
Appearance water based Nano-Suspension
Packing 10ml clear glass vials*
Indications  Trenbolone suspension is useful such as the treatment of conditions like androgen deficiency, wasting syndromes and muscle atrophy, and certain types of anemia.

* Supplied in a clear 10 ml glass vials with plastic cap.

Notes on temperatures the properties:

At cold storage below 0°C temperatures the properties of this water-based nano-suspension might temporarily change (e.g. higher viscosity, cloudiness). If stored at cold temperature, the product should be brought to room or body temperature before use. The suspension for intramuscular injection is to be visually inspected prior to use and only clear solutions free from particles should be used.

Notes on handling the vial:

The vial is for single or multi-use. The content of a vial is to be injected intramuscularly  after drawing up into the syringe and warming up. After removal of the plastic cap (A) do not remove the metal ring (B) or the crimp cap (C).

Store at room temperature, 10° – 24°C.
Avoid freezing. and cool temperatures below 10°C.


When freezing and thawing cycles are repeated it will lead to an irreversible aggregation and with the result that the properties of the formulation may be drastically changed. If freezing occurs water can enlarge and even break the vial.



Trenbolone is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) of the nandrolone group which itself was never marketed. Trenbolone ester prodrugs, including trenbolone acetate (brand names Finajet, Finaplix, others) and trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (brand names Parabolan, Hexabolan), are or have been marketed for veterinary and clinical use. Trenbolone acetate is used in veterinary medicine in livestock to increase muscle growth and appetite, while trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate was formerly used clinically in humans but is now no longer marketed. In addition, although it is not approved for clinical or veterinary use, trenbolone enanthate is sometimes sold on the black market under the nickname Trenabol.


This is non ester version with half-life in body 4-5 hours.